Seniors Can Now Register For Their "Flexible Spending Card" (Check To See If You're Eligible)

If you're a Senior on Medicare, you more than likely haven't heard of the new flexible spending benefit. This could cover, based on certain conditions, the cost of healthy groceries, cleaning supplies, personal care items and more! We urge seniors to try to claim before the end of the year.

It costs nothing to check, and takes maybe a few minutes, so it’s very much worth your time. Tap below, and see what’s available to you:

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"I can't believe that I didn't know about this sooner! A little bit of help goes a long way, especially with the price of healthy foods these days! So thankful that this exists." -Janie, 68 Lakeland, FL

How Do I Qualify?

It's easy and completely free to check if you are eligible. It only takes about 60 seconds.

Step 1: Select your age group below

Step 2: Enjoy your OTC benefits!

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